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When choosing the honorable mention this time around, I knew I had to go with this popular family film which falls under the rare genre of the Australian Western. Based on the 1890 Banjo Paterson poem of the same name, The Man From Snowy River tells the story of Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson), a young man from the mountains who is forced to leave his family farm after the death of his father in order to find work. Hoping to prove himself worthy of running his father's ranch, Jim heads to the low lands and takes a job as a cowhand on a ranch. The replica omega seamaster owner of the ranch, Mr. Harrison (Kirk), has a brother named Spur (also, played by Kirk), who was an old friend of Jim's. However, the two brothers have been estranged for many years and, unfortunately for Jim, he finds himself on Harrison's bad side when he is accused of losing an irreplaceable horse. To make matters worse, Jim may even be falling for Harrison's beloved daughter, Jessica. Shot in the Victorian High Country of Australia, The Man From Snowy River proved to be amazingly popular in its native country, while, also, gaining a strong international following, as well. The movie features gorgeous mountain scenery that results in some truly spectacular visuals, bolstered immensely by the memorable soundtrack by composer Bruce Rowland. But, perhaps, the movie's most memorable moments are provided by actor, Tom Burlinson, who performed all of his own stunt riding to incredible effect. His riding skills are made all the more remarkable considering that he had never even ridden a horse before being cast. In short, The Man From Snowy River is an incredibly beautiful and inspiring family film, and it's easy to understand why it has become a beloved classic in its native Australian home.


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